Monday, October 22, 2007

An Absolutely Wonderful Weekend!!

Well, I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I scrapbooked - made a wonderful little 7 gypsies album that I have been wanting to make with some very pretty Jenni Bowlin paper and the Boston Red Sox are going to the World Series!! We have had so much fun watching these games together. Love that team!! I did feel bad for the Cleveland Indians for losing though. They were really broken hearted. To want something so bad and be so close and then lose is so hard. I am looking forward to watching the Red Sox play the Rockies! I also went to my daughters softball game on Sunday, she pitched beautifully and she played awesome! I did not end up going shopping with Sharron, but she brought me back some very pretty "noteworthy" products - everything on my wish list! I have already been using my stuff. Love it!

Also, took a few pictures around the house. This shelf is from Pier 1 Imports and I got it for Christmas last year. I have this small space between the closet and door to my bedroom and it really needed something - slim and tall! This sage green shelf is one of my favorite things. I could not get a good picture of the whole thing - it has five shelves and they also store some of my favorite things.

I had my yearly mammogram today - a very humiliating experience as usual. I really do believe that a man created that machine - no woman would ever be that cruel! I read something on the wall while I was there. It said: Have you ever noticed that MENstrual, MENopause, MENtal, MENtally and even Hysterectomy(HIS)- all have to do with MEN! I never thought of that before - so true!! Funny, huh?

Work will be hectic this week - we have two major audits happening next month and getting everything ready is a lot of hard work. We are also planning our annual meeting for December and it is so much work! Stresses me out a little! I cannot wait to be off for the week of Thanksgiving - I need the break with my family! Well, off to take a bubble bath, have a small glass of wine and read a little before bed. Everybody else is asleep, so this is my quiet time.

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VintageGirl@Heart said...

That green shelf etc.... is so very pretty and look Charlie... NO SNOW!!! LOL!!
Glad that your team is going to the WS!
Tell Shelby that I will make more Pumpkin muffins soon!