Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Loving This & Pumpkin Muffins

My daughter, Chelsey, in an old abandoned building in upstate New York. I took these pictures during her our "photo shoot". Chelsey really loved modeling for the pictures.
I had a "working lunch" at work today, so I got to leave early!!
Plan on relaxing tonight, watching Dancing with the Stars. I wonder who will be eliminated tonight, my guess is the billionaire. But, what about Maire Osmond last night?? We will see.

Made some Pumpkin Muffins tonight and they turned out delicious! I got the idea from http://vintagegirlatheart.blogspot.com/. She made some this weekend and they were soooo good!! I have always made pumpkin bread, but turning it into muffins - they really taste different! Of course, now I have 36 muffins in my house. Yikes!! Very dangerous to someone who is suppose to be losing weight and eating less. I wish my sister, Danielle, and her boys were around. They love my pumpkin bread and when I told her tonight that I was making some pumpkin muffins, she said she would love some. She said our mom may be passing through here tomorrow on her way to visit her, so maybe mom could stop and pick her up some. We'll have to ask - I definitely have some to spare! Miss you, Danielle!

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Anonymous said...

Hi...my computer genius got it up and running! Your blog is fun to look through. That basket looks pretty with the albums in it. I'm going to get one too! The kids loved the muffins and need MORE! It was great to see you all and I'm looking forward to hanging out on Halloween. Love ur sis, Danielle