Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You know I chose the word "Faith" as my word for the year. My daughter, Chelsey, chose the same word without even knowing I was choosing that word. I really want to have more faith in God and trust in him to know what is best for my family and myself. I tend to put things in his hand...but then kinda take them back. I am such a worrier....need to work on this!

Anyways, here is a layout of Shelby and Scottie as they are leaving the reception. I love this photo! It really is one of my favorites. I titled it with a "faith" bingo card and "journey" banner because as they embark on their journey in life together they are going to need a lot of faith. I loved how pretty and soft this layout came out...I think this may be my new favorite!

Been watching a lot of Glee lately. I got the first season as one of my mother's day gifts and Chelsey and I really enjoyed watching it. Great singing and dancing. Also, doing good at the gym and eating healthier.....need to go down 2 I am working hard.

Hope you have a Fabulous Week!!