Monday, November 5, 2007

always be yourself

I had a very relaxing weekend, made a terrific sauce for dinner Saturday night and had it the next day too. We did not end up going to Outback on Friday night - too long of a wait - so we went to the Cancun Cafe and had T-bones. They are so good there and instead of baked potatoes, salad and bread, we had rice and beans, guacamole and chips and salsa.

Went to a Premier Jewelry party on Saturday and bought three Christmas presents. Wanted a pretty little necklace for myself - maybe next time.

I worked on a mini album about our trip to St. Augustine for our 20th anniversary last year, but I am really struggling with it. Had to put it down and do something else for a while. So, I did this 8 1/2 x 11 layout of my daughter, Shelby. She is constantly taking pictures of herself and altering them in photo shop. Thought this one was cute and decided to scrap it. Good memories for her when she gets older and looks back and remembers how she was always doing this.

She also went to the football game Friday night at their rival school and painted her face and hair for the game, as well as wore her jeans that we painted a couple years ago. They also painted HHS on the top of their heads for the school name. Fun to be a teenager!

Tonight is Chelsey's last soccer game to see who are the champs. I keep thinking it's her last game and then they win again and go play in another division. Hopefully, they win tonight too!

The layout below I did in August and I've never posted it on my blog before and just thought I would - so you can see a better picture of my daughter and her boyfriend and because I really like this layout. It was such a sweet moment.


My Paper World said...

Your layouts are amazing! I love your style, Love the fun photos too!

Vintage Girl from The Deep South said...

She is such a fun girl!!! Great Lo of her and love the pics of her and her friends!!
That sauce sounds yummy!!!

ஐ*Beatriz Jennings*ஐ said...

nICE lO'S :)

Rita Weiss said...

love those pages lisa...that little prima bird is darling! hope your daughter won her game :)

Michelle said...

Lisa : You blow me away!!! You are amazing but truthly after all these years I wouldnt expect anything less.. You truly are the best scrapbooker I know.. You need to make a layout book, you could be a millionare, If you do I want 10% I really got you into it... LOL Your kids are the cutest and have the best pictures, My favorite is them at your grandparents in NY Love n miss ya Michelle