Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Pumpkin Time!!!

Chelsey had so much fun carving pumpkins with Suzie and the kids. I think they all did a fabulous job on their pumpkins. Chelsey did the ghost one, Jordan the pirate, Blake the sponge bob and Taylor did the witch. Cute, huh?
Since with live in Sunny Florida, unfortunately pumpkins don't last that long - a few days at most. So, Chelsey wants to make another pumpkin on Wednesday. In New York, it was so cold in October, that outside a carved pumpkins can last for months - until the spring really. I have seen them outside that long when we lived there. Anyways, the kids put their costumes on to show me them, so Chelsey is not in one because hers was at home.
I had a nice weekend and actually went to the gym twice to workout. I am going again tomorrow. I think, if I can go at five time per week for two weeks straight, it will become a habit.
Charlie has been working so hard on Shelby's car getting it ready to be painted this week. Once, her car is ready, I will no longer have to drive her to school in morning. Now, I get to stay home and pray really hard that she makes it there safely! She always has to call me to let me know that she gets where she is going. I am a big worrier.
Well, I am off to watch the Red Sox - they have won the last three games.


Anonymous said...

My kids are loving this blog spot. They think it is so cool to be on here. We added it to our favorites so they can see it whenever they want. ♥ We had a fun day with Chelsey. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Those pumpkins look so professional!~! I have never seen ones that great carved by children!!!
Great pics too... scrapbook ops huh???
Glad you had a nice weekend.