Saturday, October 27, 2007

okay, I know it's not Christmas yet, but........

Okay, I know it's not Christmas yet, but Tessa Ann Watte has a sketch challenge on her blog and I decided to do it. And, I have been wanting to scrapbook these adorable pictures of my two nieces, Taylor & Jordan, and my nephew, Blake for a while now and they just seemed to go perfect with her sketch. Her blog is I will have to take another picture of this - this is definitely not the best picture of the layout. Last night, Charlie and I went to Too Jays for dinner. So good!!
Chelsey carved pumpkins with my sister Suzie and her three kids (in the Santa layout) and they came out so cute! She took a ton of pictures and I am waiting for her to send them to me so I can post them and of course, scrapbook them.
Well, I am off to make dinner -homemade macaroni and cheese and steaks - definitely not diet food. I also want to make some more pumpkin goodies.


Anonymous said...

That is an adorable Layout of the kids.... they are so photgenic!!!
I am so ready for the Holidays this year.
Let's do all of the fun stuff that we meant to do last year but were too busy and sick to get around to!!
I am enjoying getting back to the gym but that macaroni sure sounds yummy~~~

taylor said...

thankyou for putting us on there. I can't believe you put us on there!Thankyou verymuch.How did you do that anyway?I love your scrapbooking.And I can't wait to see you again! love...taylor♥☻☺♥☻☺♦♣♠◘

Danielle said...

Your work is beautiful!!
Thank you for visiting my blog today!!