Friday, September 14, 2007

This summer we went to upstate New York for two weeks and had a wonderful time. It was so relaxing being in the country and we also camped for one of those weeks on the lake - in tents too!! So much fun!! One of the days I took my two daughters and my niece on a "photo shoot" and we had the sweetest time. We laughed so much and just drove all over the place stopping and taking pictures of barns, tractors, fields of flowers, creeks, bales of hay, etc... It was so beautiful and I got some really great shots of the girls. I made believe I was a "real" photographer and they were all models. We all had so much fun.

This weekend is the crop (one year anniversary at AMM) and Sharron is coming over to scrapbook tomorrow night. We are both looking forward to some relaxing time and doing some of the challenges on AMM. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have some time to take some more pictures of my bathroom that I am still finishing. I cannot wait for Sharron to see it - she will be the first. So, I am counting on some good advice from her!

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