Saturday, September 8, 2007

a pretty painting on a rock by my grandma

My grandmother is almost 92 years old and she is loved so much by everyone. I visit her weekly - she lives with my mother. She is an artist and we all have beautiful paintings around our houses that she painted. Back in the late 1980's she painted on slate (rocks) for everyone for Christmas. They were so beautiful! I still love them. Thanks Mama!! xxoo


killerxkim said...

that is so cool that she is so creative. makes you feel inspired!!!

yeah, i'm really only 16. haha. i get that alot. XD

thanks for my comment. =D

VintageGirl@Heart said...

You are so lucky to have so much of your Mama's artwork.
Good luck today with the game and have a safe trip!!

Scrappy27 said...

What a Beautiful Painting!!! How wonderful to have such beauty around you!!!!