Friday, September 28, 2007

Layouts of my pretty daughters and ramblings about my birthday

I did these fun layouts of my daughters last night and this morning. I used some of my new birthday scrapbooking supplies too. I will have to post pictures of some of my birthday presents soon. Need to take pictures of them and find a place for my beautiful, antique bird house that I received from my friends at work. My sister, Suzie, gave me some pretty frames that I put on a wrought iron plate holder - they look so pretty! Her children made me beautiful cards and she also brought me delicious gourmet desserts from The Fresh Market - Yummy!!! Thanks to Sharron for giving me the wrought iron plate holder -one of her many hand-me-downs that I get from her when she gets sick of stuff- lucky me, huh?
My daughter, Shelby, gave me Nicholas Sparks' new book, and the new Rascal Flatts CD. One of my very favorite authors (hers too) and bands. Isn't she a sweetie? All bought with her own hard earned money from many hours of bagging groceries and cashiering. My daughter, Chelsey, is washing, vacuuming, windexing, etc. my car for my birthday today after school. I can't wait - my car is in desperate need of some attention.
My husband took the day off with me yesterday and took me shopping, and to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants - Bahama Breeze. We even went to the scrapbooking store twice because I wanted to go back and get just one more thing!!! Isn't he a sweetie? He is also making me two frames for two beautiful canvas paintings that my grandmother painted years ago.
Last night they had a giant chocolate chip cookie for me and sang "Happy Birthday". It was a very happy birthday!!

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VintageGirl@Heart said...

Love both of those Layouts!!! "You are right".... they are right up my alley with that vintage look!!! I am glad that you are having such fun scrappen' and that you had a nice Birthday!!!
I have your gift, just waiting for us to get together to celebrate!!!
Maybe we can get together and scrap tonight or over the weekend!!!