Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good Morning

This morning my husband told me that he found the leak in the garage - it is coming from my scrapbooking room. Remember I told you that my scrapbooking room use to be the laundry room? Well, one of the pipes behind my desk and shelves was leaking. Good thing we caught it just in time or a lot of my stuff would have been ruined. So, we had to take everything off that wall and floor and now it is fixed - just needs to be cleaned up and I can put everything back. I have been wanting to clean/organize my room - so I guess this is a good time.

I got a little scrapbooking done last night, not as much as I wanted though. I am nervous about the DT spot on AMM. There is a lot of wonderful layouts being posted into the gallery there and the competition will be tough. I was on Daisy Cottage's blog yesterday and she had the most wonderful saying on her chalkboard "Dare, Dream and Do". Very powerful words - came at a good time for me with feeling this way about the DT. If you have never been on her blog, go take a look. It is wonderful!!!
I get so much inspiration just from looking at her blog each day - even wonderful recipes!!

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Scrappy27 said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog!! You are the first to comment!! YAY!!! I just love your work and I wish you good luck for the DT Spots!!!!

You made my day!!!
See you on the boards!!